About the London Stock Exchange

About the London Stock Exchange

London: the best choice for foreign companies to list

As the most international financial center in the world, London is not only the global leader in the field of European bonds and foreign exchange trading, but also accepts more than two-thirds of the international stock underwriting business. The size and location of London means that it provides an ideal gateway to Europe for companies and investors around the world.

The London Stock Exchange operates the strongest international stock market in the world, and its foreign shares are traded more than any other stock exchange.

The London stock exchange plays a central role in maintaining London's leading position. The London Stock Exchange operates the world's strongest stock market, and its foreign shares are traded more than any other stock exchange.

About 500 foreign companies from 63 countries and regions are listed and traded in London. In 2000, the total volume of foreign securities transactions in London reached about US $500 million. No other stock exchange in the world can match these figures or has such a long history of serving international issuers.

More than 550 foreign banks and 170 global securities companies have no offices in London, and providing their professional and technical services to issuers from all over the world has become another advantage that London can provide to foreign companies. These advantages also include: · an all-round, transparent and liquid market

·A strict and flexible regulatory system respected by the world

·Gateway to strong global capital markets

·Trading system with reliable operation and advanced technology

·In depth understanding of foreign companies and markets

·The central position between the US and Asian time zones

·With the strong reputation and experience accumulated over the centuries, world-class international companies should be listed in the world-class market. London is such a market.