Innovation and original intention

The research and development of RiezTech atomization solution based on user needs and high-quality experience, RiezTech has always believed that there are still many unknown things to explore in the electronic atomizer. RiezTech hopes to promote its own development, lead the industry to move forward together and bring safer and more stable atomization technologies and products to the industry.

Quality inspection

Professional strength is the cornerstone of our modest progress, and objective evaluation makes us hold in awe and veneration every step of the way. 18 quality inspection procedures, both visible and invisible have quality control. Every step ensures that the quality of products that users get is consistent.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of society, an enterprise should undertake more social responsibilities within its own capabilities. Only when social responsibility and commerce are equally important can an enterprise be in a healthy state of development.

Guardian Project

RiezTech thoroughly implemented the Circular of the State Administration of market supervision and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, listed not selling electronic atomizers to minors as the first professional criterion, and cut off the possibility of selling electronic atomizers to minors from the aspects of product labeling, marketing channels and technological innovation.

Supply chain responsibility

From material selection to production environment, our partners meet domestic and EU ROHS certification, and refuse all materials and processes harmful to human body. Our production partner factories comply with ISO9001 quality management system and GMP global excellent manufacturing standards. From dust-free workshop to environmental emission control, they are friendly and beneficial to products and the earth environment where I live.

Operation Golden Shield

"Golden Shield action" aims to jointly promote the healthy development of the industry and protect the safety of users through big data and technical support and cooperation with the police and regulators.